Dr. Aisling Lanigan
Fertility & Perinatal Naturopath
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Areas of focus


Nutrition for Baby & Kids Postnatal Nutrition Doula Support


Prenatal Nutrition Doula Support Pregnancy Loss Support


Specialty Diets Navigating Intolerances Pre & Postnatal Nutrition Performance Nutrition Weight Loss Basic Nutrition Nutrition - Ask Me Anything Baby & Child Nutrition - Ask Me Anything


Naturopathic Fertility Female Fertility Coaching


Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine - Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) &
College of Naturopaths Of Ontario (CONO)

My Story

I started Flourish because I believe with all of my being that we can have it all as women: we can be mothers, partners, sisters, friends; but we can only do this when we feel amazing, not fine, not 7/10, only when we are flourishing!

I am a power mama and I want to create, support and uplift the power mama – even if their babies are adults, it is never too late to flourish!

Dr. Aisling Lanigan is a leading expert in women’s health, mom of 3 young children, Naturopathic Doctor, Speaker, Creator of The Preg-Tox Program and Flourish founder.

Through working with hundreds of women struggling to get pregnant, excel during their pregnancies and rebuild post partum, Dr. Aisling has determined what women need to flourish and has integrated this into a beautiful and effective approach to women’s health.


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“I've seen Dr. Lanigan for only a few visits but the care and attention she pays to what you are saying and what your concerns are definitely puts you at ease. She is very friendly and easy to open up to.”

“My visit with Dr. Lanigan has been amazing! My husband and I were having fertility issues and with her help we have been able to have a baby!”