Michelle Tangeman
Child Behavioral Specialist
Los Angeles, California, United States
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My toddler throws food?
How to help my child through Daily...
Getting my child to listen?
Behavior is Communication
Cooperation Around Getting Dressed
House Rules

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Managing Toddler Behaviours Post-baby Blues or Anxiety Coaching for New Parents Parenting Style - Ask Me Anything

Talk it Out

Parental Talks (Toddler Behavior) Relationship Talks (Marriage, Dating, Relationships)

Motivation & Coaching

Parenting Coach

Sex & Intimacy

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Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My Story

I'm Michelle - a mother of two beautiful children. As a parent, I know how challenging it can be. Combining my personal experience as a parent along with my behavioral health background, I can help parents navigate their toddlers behavior and serve as a resource for new moms.
I’m passionate about teaching parents about evidence-based interventions grounded in science to make a positive impact on the parent-child relationship.


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“It is insane how quickly it worked. I saw an immediate change (within a day). We had all turned a corner. Understanding what my child's behaviour was communicating was helping, tremendously. The spanking, yelling, time-outs were done. My overall mental state had improved and things were back to normal.”

“Michelle provided a solid background and understanding into my toddler's developing brain and WHY my toddler might be engaging in certain behaviour...She gave me the skills to understand and even anticipate potential toddler meltdowns and triggers, and how to best navigate (or even avoid all together).”