Tori Gordon
Anxiety & Transformation
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Grief & Trauma Managing Stress & Anxiety Anger Management Overcoming Loneliness Self-Love Overcoming Sadness Relationship Talks (Marriage, Dating, Relationships) Talk It Out - Ask Me Anything

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BSW, Social Work - University of Alabama
Certified Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator - PAUSE Breathwork
Integrated Life Coach - Mind Valley

My Story

Hey, I'm Tori. I’m a happy working wife and proud dog mom to our goldendoodle Leo. I love taking walks by the Chattahoochee River where we live in Atlanta, GA and building our home alongside my hubby, Guillermo. Life is sweet and good. But it hasn’t always been this way.

Growing up in Alabama, I learned how to compartmentalize life. I maintained focus on work and climbing the corporate ladder. It seemed to give me something steady to cling to in a chaotic external world. That security was short lived after losing my Mom in 2017 and a relationship I thought was going to be forever. I realized that a career is a lousy place to put your faith and hope and no amount of money or status will ever rock you to sleep at night or soothe the ache of a hurting heart. I found myself at a crossroads in life asking bigger questions that for many seem unanswerable. What I learned is that what I thought was going to fulfill me, a six-figure corporate job, a beautiful home, a committed relationship, all left me with an emptiness that forced me to see there was more to life than checking off the boxes. I realized I’d been living someone else’s idea of success.

So I set out to finally do the work I’d been avoiding for so many years. An 80 hour work week was a breeze compared to the inner work I was being asked to do. Confronting years of trauma, pain, and disappointment is no easy task, but it has been my liberation and my freedom. One of my life mantras is “nothing changes until you do.” And I have found that to be true. The fulfillment, change and answers you are looking for lives right under our nose and you don’t even realize it. Now, my life's work is to awaken you to what you’ve always known and had within you all along.

Today, I am dedicated to serving those who are willing and ready to transform their lives and businesses for the highest good. To helping those who are tired of settling for the status quo and seek to rediscover the passion, purpose and power that lies within.

I believe that life should be meaningful, abundant and exciting NOT mundane, exhausting and predictable. So many people live their lives reacting to circumstances and going through the motions, but my intent is to teach you how to create the life you want and leave a legacy you’re proud of. We’re all on a journey, and ours is just getting started so for now I’ll say - I believe in you, I am rooting for you and I’ll see you in the arena.


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“Tori was able to provide me with the mindset shift I'd been craving for months. I came to Tori feeling lost and unsure of what was really possible for me, unsure of what I really even wanted. She opened my eyes to help me figure out that the only thing in the way of me and my dreams and genuine happiness was myself. The mindset exercises she did with me were truly life changing. She made me think about things in a way that almost made me uncomfortable, but was so necessary. She's amazing at what she does and does it with such kindness and genuine love for her clients!”

“Tori has impacted and made all the difference in multiple areas of my life. Going from a job I wasn’t happy in because I didn’t truly know who I was or what I wanted to do, to making the changes that projected me into starting my own business, healing past trauma, and finding this inner confidence has been amazing. For years I talked myself out of change because I was content with where I was and didn’t know I would find better. Having Tori as my coach pushed me to take risks, sort the clutter in my mind and realize what I’m capable of. Thank you!”

“Since I started working with Tori I have seen a magnificent difference in the way I speak, in the way I show up for my business, how I handle situations with relationships and family. Now, people tell me there is something different about me, how I talk and how I’m operating. I’ve made so much progress and don’t even recognize the girl I was before working with Tori.”

“Working with Tori has been nothing but amazing... I now have so much clarity in what I want to accomplish not only in business but in my personal life as well. She provided me the tools, the accountability, and the mentorship that I never had with other coaches (I’ve gone through several coaches). If you’re looking to level up in life she’s my go to recommendation!”

“I feel so deeply held by my conversations with Tori and I can’t express how much I appreciate her straight-talk with me and her perspective. She's not just there to always try and make me feel better about whatever story I’m telling myself or creating, but to give me a reality check and an informed objective response.”