Devon Kuntzman
Toddler Behavioural Coach
Akron, Ohio, United States
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ICF-Professional Certified Coach
BA in Psychology + Child Development
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

My Story

Taking care of kids was always my passion. As a child, I watched Mary Poppins more than I care to admit. I dreamt of being a nanny. I modelled my education around it. And I became one. I worked for some of the highest-profile families in the world. I ran an orphanage in Rwanda. All up, I’ve helped raise more than 100 kids on 3 continents.

About halfway through my nannying career, I noticed a disparity between how parents and caregivers were perceiving their toddlers’ behavior and what their toddlers were actually trying to communicate. And I noticed this because––drumroll––I was doing the same thing. I realized I had labeled my kids’ behavior as a representation of my success. Every tantrum, every power struggle, every “bad” behavior was a mark of failure. One day, while on the floor with a toddler having a meltdown duet, I had my a-ha moment. Even with my degree, my experience, and all of my knowledge in child development, I had prioritized behavior over relationship.

I needed to reframe my perspective, disarm my triggers, and base my actions off of development and relationship. Boom. I was understanding toddler communication more clearly, recognizing the needs that drive behavior, and creating behavioral transformation through connection. After seeing the success that this approach brought me over the years, I decided to bring together my other passions of coaching, and service. I created Transforming Toddlerhood to help parents and caregivers overcome behavioral challenges, create stronger connections, and ultimately experience the magic of the toddler years.


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“Devon is simply amazing! She was instrumental in helping us with my 2.5 year old little boy when we brought home his little brother. If you’re looking for some help, clarity, and guidance through the toddler years, then you’ve come to the right place.”

“I struggled to come from a place of love during day to day challenges. I lacked confidence in my parenting and I was unsure of myself. Devon taught me that I am a good parent and I know what to do if I just listen to my heart. I have shifted from mostly reactive to mostly LOVE. Working with Devon was full of love, sincerity. She was receptive and responsive. Devon helped us find our own ways to solve our parenting challenges in a way that resonates with ourselves. I have to say that I have been changed so much for the better throughout this experience. I am just so thankful.”

“I was very frustrated in my parenting. I didn’t know how to control my emotions and it felt that I was not connecting with my boys. My time with Devon shifted my parenting in so many ways. I now recognize my triggers and I have learned to pause before I react to the situation with the boys. I also learned I was parenting out of control instead of a leader and a guide. I always felt comfortable talking with Devon. She made it very easy to talk to her. I recommend working with Devon if you want to learn how to change a pattern that isn’t working for you.”

“My biggest challenge was acknowledging my own emotions and offering connection during tantrums. I was being triggered and responding in anger. By working with Devon, I was able to gain techniques on how to connect with myself and my son to prevent tantrums from becoming meltdowns, oftentimes diffusing them all together. Now, I feel much more confident in my abilities. Devon’s approach is very kind and encouraging. Her coaching is worth its weight in gold. Honestly. No child comes with a user manual. This is the closest you will get to that.”