Jimanekia Eborn
Grief & Trauma Specialist
California, United States
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- B.A. in Psychology - California Baptist University
- Masters in Health Psychology - North Central University
- Graduate certificate in Alternative Medicine

My Story

Since I was a child, I’ve known that I wanted to support and protect women who, like my mother before me, had endured traumas that uprooted their lives. This passion led me down several paths from school for criminal justice to work as a rape crisis counselor to more school – psychology this time – to several mental health facilities across California.

Now, several years into my work as a Comprehensive Sex Educator and Sexual Assault & Trauma Expert, I have found my ultimate calling. Spending my days working with survivors – educating them on how to care for themselves, uplifting them out of trauma, and celebrating their strength – is a dream come true.

As an expert in my field and as a survivor myself, I know firsthand the importance of finding healing and community when it comes time to process your trauma. When we can come together as survivors to reflect, re-energize, and regenerate ourselves, the healing magnifies. This is more than mantra; it is my mission.


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“She's honest, knowledgable, kind. Her speciality may be trauma, but not inflicting on her listeners or clients.”

“Incredibly knowledgable and inspiring!”