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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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- BA, Psychology/Human Sexuality- San Francisco State University
- MA, Sociology, Gender & Sexuality - Georgia State University

My Story

Hi, I'm Marla - a professional sexologist, intimacy/relationship/sex coach, speaker, and author. I'm the owner of Velvet Lips, a sexuality education company, as well as Contract Liberation, a company focused on research for non-profit groups. As a faculty member at Clayton State University, I teach Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies. As the Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference, I aim to bring diverse groups together to learn and share their experiences in the essence of being authentic and fostering sexual liberation across communities.

I have studied human sexuality for over 20 years, educated over 20,000 people in over 14 years, given over 500 workshops, and have served over 100 clients in my private practice, all around the world.


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“With Marla's coaching we were able to create a space for open communication about sex on a deeper level. Her easy-going personality made us feel comfortable to share our thoughts without judgment.... She motivated and inspired us to be better people and ultimately a better couple.”

“I learned so much about my body. Marla's guidance has allowed me to feel comfortable to touch myself and explore my sensuality. I've had better orgasms ever since!”

“Your coaching has been absolutely amazing! My partner and I are still using the techniques learned and it has taken our sexuality to a greater level. Even more it has brought us closer together in our trust and communication. Just some few techniques have been key to more passion and love in our relationship.”