Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is Wellby?

Wellby is a membership based application that enables customers to search and connect with health and wellness professionals on-demand or book for later and jump into quick 10 minute appointments (or up to 60 minutes) anytime, anywhere from their mobile device or desktop. The app also has a question and answer option whereby customers can post a question to the professional network for a ‘fastest available’ response or ask a specific person a question and get a personalized video response back in around 24 hours. Members have a dashboard where they can see past or upcoming appointments and they can even download their video responses from professionals to save or share.

Wellby is not a place to get medical treatment, emergency or otherwise nor medicinal advice. Speak to your doctor or call your local emergency hotline to get medical treatment.

How do I contact Wellby?

Please send us a message on the chat or drop a note on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I apply to become a service professional (“service partner”) on Wellby?

If you are an independent professional or owner of a wellness business (gym, clinic, studio, or online subscription business) and are looking for opportunities to expand your reach or connect with your customers in a new way, email

Who are the professionals and how do you ensure their quality of work?

The professionals in the Wellby network (“Service Partners”) are wellness professionals and owners/operators of independent health and wellness businesses. We look for professionals who are knowledgeable in one of our service categories and inspiring. To ensure quality of service, we ask our members to rate professionals after each appointment.

Who am I going to be meeting with?

You can choose your service provider by filtering based on your area of interest or browse profiles and selecting the professional that is the right fit for you.

Can I get prescriptions, referrals or diagnosis through Wellby?

No you cannot. Wellby is not a platform for medical advice, nor should it be treated as such. Please refer to your family doctor if you have any specific medicinal issues that need addressing. The service partners within the Wellby network are primarily focused on unregulated areas and their intent is to provide generalized information not individual treatment or assessment.

What categories do Wellby partners focus on?

Our categories include: Fitness (training and technique for cardio or strength), Nutrition (guidance, plans, general information), Yoga & Pilates, Stretch & Mobility, Meditation, Coaching (motivation, relationship counselling), and Motherhood (fertility, lactation, sleep for baby, pre/postnatal exercise and nutrition). Categories will be expanding as we grow!

Does my interaction with a Wellby service provider have to be in the same city?

No, Wellby is borderless and works to match you with the most relevant professional, regardless of where you live! For our initial launch, most service professionals are in Southern Ontario but we are expanding rapidly.

What happens when there’s a problem with the audio, or my video doesn’t upload properly?

Don’t worry you won’t be billed for any incomplete responses or technology related issues, contact us through our live chat if there are issues with your site experience - we want to make it right!

I put my question out for a response, but haven’t heard anything yet – What do I do?

There is a maximum time-limit your inquiry will be active for. If there is no response, it usually means the right person is offline and can answer your question when they return. All service professionals try to respond within 48 hours, You can also see the average response times on each person’s profile to gauge how long they might take. If you don’t want to wait, you can cancel your question and ask someone else in the network.

I didn’t find the advice I got useful or engaging, is there somewhere I can submit feedback?

Please! Each professional is subject to being rated after each interaction and there will be a prompt to submit your feedback in a comment box as well after each experience. The comments will not be posted at this time but they will appear for our corporate team to review. You can also contact us here:

I changed my mind or thought of more info to include in my message, can I update it after submitting?

Yes. if you change your mind or want to update your recording, simply cancel the request and re-submit your video once you are more comfortable with it. You will not be charged until a professional has completed a personalized video response back.

How do I receive the video response from the Wellby partner and can I keep the video?

In your profile section all your previously recorded and received videos will be available for your reference and you can download to your personal device. The videos are sharable but cannot be edited. Feel free to email to your friends or upload to your own website/social platforms - they are yours to keep!

How many things can I ask?

To ensure that the quality of your response remains high, it is recommended that you keep each question focused on one subject.

My question was rejected by the service professional, why?

Don’t take it personally! The providers are under guidelines to offer the most relevant advice they can, and if your question was outside of their area of focus then someone else in the network would happily answer you. We recommend recording on your own device and uploading so that you can choose to ask someone else the same question if this happens or choose “Fastest Available” to post the question to the broader network and the personalized video response will be completed on a first come, first service basis.

I am not satisfied with the answer I received from my Wellby provider, what can I do?

Our Wellby Providers do their best to guide you and provide the most accurate information they’re able to give within the constraints of a short video. Please email our customer service team at for a resolution.


My service provider was late to my appointment (or is running late) - how will this affect my bill?

The timer on your appointment does not start until both parties are in the appointment. You will only be charged once the timer starts. For on-demand appointments, we only give the service provider a 2 minute window to jump into the appointment before the session will be cancelled. If this happens, we recommend you try our “Ask a Question” service instead.

Is Wellby covered by my health insurance?

Appointments and Q&A over Wellby tend to be for services covering wellness categories that people pay for privately. Some professionals, however, may include their registered billing information on receipts. In these cases these sessions may be eligible for employer health benefit plans. We recommend you ask the professional directly in your session if you are interested in submitting your session for benefits reimbursement.

How much does Wellby cost to use?

Membership is free but for service requests, each professional within the Wellby network sets their own pricing.

Do I have to pay to use Wellby? What kind of payment does Wellby accept?

Yes, each professional sets their own rates per interaction that will be clearly presented to you before you begin. Your credit card on file will automatically be billed upon the completion of your query by the practitioner. We accept all major credit cards.